MSN Butterfly not working- Steps for the ultimate solution

Microsoft provides a range of web services known as MSN Butterfly. It includes entertainment, news, search options, and several other things. You can use MSN as your web browser's homepage. While logging into the internet, the first page gets opened, and it is easy to learn about the latest events in the world. Lots of users have downloaded the app and installed it without any issue. They have found some important features to manage their email account. But, what will you do when you find MSN Butterfly not working.

MSN can't sign in - How will you solve the MSN Butterfly problem?

  • From your Android device, you can open the MSN Butter app.
  • Input your password and email address. Hit the sign-in button.
  • From the settings menu, you can find the option- IMAP mail server settings. Make sure that you have enabled it. Repeat this step in the case of the SMTP mail server.
  • Write a description and select the automatic troubleshooting option to solve the error.
  • Enter your password again when the process is over. You can then try to access the MSN Butterfly email account.

Thus, MSN can't sign in problems can be solved with these steps. Some users find an Error '66' message, which means they are unable to verify their account status. The above guide will solve the error.

MSN Butterfly working very slowly - How to retrieve my MSN account

Some major troubleshooting steps are-

  • Make sure that you have strong internet connectivity and you have connected it rightly. In the case of the Wi-Fi connection, you need to check its performance.
  • Close multiple tabs that you have opened on the system.
  • The progressing download process on the PC may also result in the slow performance of MSN Butterfly. Thus, you have to pause the downloading process until the problem is solved.
  • Remove the caches and cookies from the system.
  • Uninstall the web browser that you have chosen for using MSN. Reinstall it to see that the problem has gone away.

MSN Butterfly is easy to use for your needs. Still, you can focus on these steps when you have found technical errors and sign-in problems.

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